Long Road Home: The Cash Family's Untold Story

For nine members of the Cash Family their untold story is showcased for the first time on screen and in song, as they courageously open up about their Long Road Home. This documentary features never before seen family interviews on the silent agony that so many individuals and families journey through daily ... a path also shared between close friends Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins as told by Carl’s son, Stan Perkins.

Kris Kristofferson adds “In this film Cindy Cash has explored the complexities and realities of addiction with honesty and heart rarely touched upon. The silent agony and baffling pull that has destroyed so many lives is looked straight in the eye with wondrous courage. Although a remarkably multi-talented young woman, this may be her finest work yet. I am so proud of her.”

Long Road Home: The Cash Family’s Untold Story is currently wrapping post production and looking for a distribution home. Please signup to receive future updates on this upcoming release.

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